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I was bit confused at first by giving all documents to Patric, but his service and speed was surprisingly good. In just few working days he did solve the problem with car registration I was spending weeks unsucessful to do it. I can only recommend Proaktivum company. Thank you Patrik, you have saved a lot of time and money to me.

Ivica Srncevic

Our company uses the services of Proaktivum for more than one year, we are very satisfied with the quality of their work, they always do everything as fast as possible and very helpful. Totally recommended!

Polina Shishkina

Amazing service. Got my deregistration of my car and new plates in just 1 day. Perfectly spoken English. Everything very easy. Best service ever.

Enkel Dishani

I am a Hungarian living in Czech Republic and I cannot speak any Czech. I have imported my car from Germany and I have got a super good and super fast service to get my car registered in Czech Republic from Proaktivum. I can recommend this to everyone as Patrik is really helpful, very clear on the steps of the administration and very reliable. Thanks again for the service!

Kornél Szilágyi

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+420 732 770 161 




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